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Destination Bangladesh: The Saint Martin Island (Part 3)

April 23, 2019

I can’t believe that after last night’s party, all of my friends changed their minds and decided to stay back!

You all surely, know my friend Shamsher from the first blog! Yes, the king of management! He confirmed everything for a day trip to Chera Dwip (Chera Island) which is an uninhabited island and extension of Saint Martin at the front of Naf River in the Bay of Bengal.

There are a lot of people who offer boat services that never cross 300 taka for roundtrips. Those boats drop people to the island and pick them up after few hours and for that, you have to know the name of the boat and if possible more details before you book.

Remember, those crabs we had last evening? We woke up with huge pain in our stomach. Islam and the rest of the friends had breakfast but I preferred to drink hot tea instead of heavy paratha and egg-like others.

We had to catch the boat before 10:50 AM and we reached the ghat by 10:30 AM. Found the boatman was waiting for his passengers with a list in his hand. Guys before you start, please have your bottle of water, dry food like biscuits, power bank, extra cloth if you want to swim, and a plastic bag.

If you are concern about your skin, put on a lot of sunscreens since the sun is crazy and can bring one extra scarf to cover yourself. Though I had everything with me, most of my friends didn’t take any supporting kinds of stuff with them. The reason was also clear!! I was with them!

However, if you see, our group is a great combination that includes a manager, military, entertainer, party organizer, photographer, and a bag carrier like me who has everything inside the bag for daily usage.

About the Chera Dwip, nobody can live there because of daily high and low tides. During high tides, the island is divided from Saint Martin by the sea and nobody can go there without using boats. Also, big boats can’t go to the bank directly, so small boats help the travelers to reach the island at that time.

On the other hand, during low tides, the island can be reached by walking for about 2.5 hours from St. Martin’s Island. However, people can rent bicycles, motorbikes to go there but remember, the sun can be harsh and cycling on the sand could be tiring.

We have decided to take a boat since we wanted to see enjoy the trip and most of us didn’t have that energy to walk. Especially, our Military friend Islam, whose life is full of physical training! We reached after forty-five minutes and changed the boat to reach the bank of the island.

Bob, the Dutch guy left us because he started hating our obsessive photography session. We walked around, took a lot of pictures and after few hours we started looking for our boat and Bob! We lost both and looking forward to meeting them again on the remote island. Though we found Bob but not the boat that was supposed to take us from the island.

As I said earlier it’s not great to have foreigners with you while traveling inside Bangladesh but there are some exceptional cases like we utilized Bob’s presence to get into a random boat. Just because we had him, nobody complained while getting into the boat.

We reached around 2 PM and jumped into lunch as we all were super hungry. Again bargaining with the restaurant about the price ended up as a big fight. None of us was happy with the price and quality of fish that day as well. But after having a dramatic lunch we decided not to go to the hotel even though we were tired! We didn’t want to sleep like the other day and miss the life of the island before sunset.

Interestingly Sunny, the party guy wanted to go to the beach and we said yes to that! That was the last afternoon when we could have a swim and have some fun. We played some fun games again and got back to the hotel for getting ready. It was time to go to the night market.

On our way to the night market, we stopped for the sunset, enjoyed talking about life. We all knew that was an exclusive trip and we might not get the chance to enjoy the way we did! Everything was unplanned and we expected nothing from the reconciliation plan for our friendship.

In real life, we all are close but due to having a career and pressure all of us couldn’t get time to see each other regularly. Even some of us could meet, but only for few hours that is not enough to feel each other. The Saint Martin trip has given us a lot and taken nothing!

I believe when you expect nothing, the outcome always can give you more satisfaction! We walked for two hours, had coconut, tea, biscuits, and enjoyed stalking people like teenagers.

It was time for dinner and we already paid for a grilled chicken with paratha for all of us. Our hotel chef is popular for his cooking and we didn’t want to miss that. Unfortunately that night another group of people arrived who ordered food for 30 people and the chef burned our food for being more attentive with their order. As we were hungry, we preferred not to complain and finish our dinner for last night’s party.

A party that can be remembered for the rest of our life. We danced like nobody was watching us and slept with a huge pain in our leg for dancing like crazy.

The next day, we took the boat from Keari Ghat at 3 PM and reached Teknaf around 6 PM! We all got into one bus but Mehedi & I got down in Chittagong. Bob left for Cox’s Bazar by another bus that charged 200 taka from Teknaf! The rest of our friends had to attend office right after the day they arrived and that was pressure. We said goodbye to our awesome trip and prepared for the challenges that can disconnect us from each other again! However, while leaving, we promised that we will plan a trip again! How many of you believe that we will make it? Let me know your thought!

If we do, you will know!

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