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December 8, 2018

Solo traveling is not popular in my country! Especially for female travelers, it’s a very new thing to practice! Though we have some brave women who already explored a lot by themselves the number is not enough. Especially if I compare with the international female travelers. I won’t say that I have initiated this idea but the way I am exploring is a bit unusual in our culture. Through, I would like to encourage people to travel alone and introduce my country to travelers from the world.

During my travel, I have been introduced to many travelers who wanted to visit my country but couldn’t manage to get proper instructions while planning. Also, some news from previous years made them scared and didn’t encourage them! I won’t blame them for being worried about their trip to Bangladesh! Even though my country is so beautiful but many places in Bangladesh are not designed for solo travelers! However, I believe a small initiative can encourage them to come and explore! So, I tried to work on that and guide them to discover few places most safely! I believe guidance is the best way to welcome travelers in my country.

I am a casual writer and hope you won’t hate me for my informal writing styles. I am not an expert in English but tried to make the blog communicative for all.

I belong to a middle-class area of Dhaka city, where people live because the house rents are cheaper than other places. But I must say that the people are really friendly and helpful in my area. When I started traveling nobody thought that a girl could travel alone but when I came back after 18 months people were so happy and inspired. Now they treat me like their travel consultant and visit my place to get guidelines for easy traveling. From that experience, I thought why shouldn’t I write for all?

Before I start another international solo trip, I would like to explore my own country. I promise I will travel, write and share! You will only read about my personal experiences. I will never put anything that I haven’t experienced yet!

I haven’t been to many places in Bangladesh and this has given me that opportunity to explore my own country and experience the beauty. That will not only help me to know better but also encourage my international friends to visit my country without any hesitation. Let’s get started!

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