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September 11, 2019

Since we all are backpackers, we strongly believe that we don’t need a tour guide to travel! But inside Bangladesh, it’s a big challenge to travel alone even if you are a full-time traveler. There are no proper guidelines, details about destinations and hotels that can make your travel experience better. Keeping all that fact in mind, we have collected some contacts, created some guidelines while traveling.

In the introduction part of our blog, we have mentioned that we will only write about those places, where we have been to. Also promised that will share only our genuine experience including undesirable incidents. It’s been nine months since we have started a blog but within one month we have visited few tourist places including Chittagong, Chadpur, Old Dhaka, Sylhet, Cox’s Bazar, Saint Martin Island, Barisal, and Jahangirnogor University, and many more. Travelers from Switzerland, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Qatar, and the USA were fellow travelers. We were also traveling with them to see the places and research for future travelers’ support.

From the local supporter to the hotel details, we have tried to gather and note each and every detail that will make travelers’ life comfortable during their stay in Bangladesh. If you go through the blog you will find more details about the trip details, locations, transports, hassles, obstacles, and many more.

If you need more information, you can email and plan your trip to Bangladesh as well! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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