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Crazy Girls in One Bus to Pokhara

February 17, 2019

Waking up in the early morning is always annoying for me! I hate that but sometimes I have to do that! No more options…

I woke up, said bye to the Korean roommate and looking for a taxi in the morning! Actually I don’t support to hire taxi while traveling but as I said, not a morning person! I always have a feeling that I will miss my bus, train, flight especially in the morning. It’s not like that never happened. I already have that experience and don’t have that courage to experience again!  

Please note guys, I don’t see properly without my glasses and my brain doesn’t work in the morning! Honestly! I was supposed to take the bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara, 6 in the morning. And guess what? I took the wrong route though I knew the right one. Messy me!

I reached there on time and felt super hungry. In that bus stand you will find only one shop run by a young lady where she sells nice deserts and coffee in the early morning. Especially for the travelers! So I had my quick breakfast and found a nice window seat in the bus. The bus was empty and the contactor was calling each passengers to confirm their presence.  After half an hour I realized that I forgot to change my watch after arriving in Nepal! Lord save my brain for some productive work!

A pretty girl get inside the bus and checked her seat. Her seat was right beside me but she preferred to take another window seat just opposite to mine. She looked at me once and I smiled back. Later a lot of people joined and the bus started. I was happy that there was no one sitting beside me and I can enjoy the journey alone.

Suddenly I realized there were lot more people joining us from different pick up points. After 10 minutes another girl joined and she seemed messier than me. Initially she was confused about her destination, seat, payment and so on. Her loud voice was getting everyone’s attention. Many of us couldn’t stop looking at her. So finally with the help of almighty she found her seat right beside that lady who were supposed sit beside me. Anyways thankfully still the seat beside me was empty. I still can enjoy my trip then! So relaxing.

Well, I said in my another blog, remember? You can’t be always fortunate. Yeah, finally a girl arrived and took a seat beside me. So, the result was, we were four girls in one row! Three of them were started talking to each other after a while and I was left behind. I always face this problem because of my skin! To be very honest, people doesn’t want to talk to me because I belongs to Asia. I am used to with that as well.

After 30 minutes we got stuck in the traffic and the girls sitting beside asked me my name. We got introduced and started talking to each other. She was a Danish traveler and introduced me with the other two girls. One of them were French and the other was from Spain! Awesome, all were solo travelers and backpackers! Not Bad! As you know when girls started talking, nobody can stop their conversation and we were four in numbers. Guess what happened? The whole bus started listening to our stories, laughs, fun and lot more.

We got down, talked about life and Sarah, the French traveler wanted to write about my journey since I was from Aisa and a solo traveler. In between the times was almost over we were about to get down!

Oh I forgot to tell you about the Spanish traveler, Clara who were confused about her destination initially. She finally decided to join us and got down in Pokhara. In the meantime, Maja the Danish traveler and I found that we booked the same hostel and decided to go together. So we four took one taxi, dropped Sarah and Clara to their hotel and checked in to the booked hostel called Zostel.

On our way we exchanged our numbers, Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram! Interestingly we all couldn’t connect in one social media since all of didn’t have one platform in common.  However, we planned to see each other for the dinner after taking some rest! Maja & me were in the same room and took two different upper bunk beds, so that we could talk to each other comfortably.

In the evening, we dressed up and left hostel for dinner! The place we used to live was really far from the city center and had to cross a big mountain to reach there. So we checked with the gate keeper about safety and details before we started.

We walked and reached to a place called Lemon Tree for dinner! We ordered, talked, talked and talked! We realized when the waiter said, we need to pay because it was the closing time. Now, the fun part started! We paid for our orders and counted the whole amount to pay! Well, the total amount were way much higher than the actual bill!! What?

So we counted again and again! But none of us couldn’t manage to realize who paid what? It was around 1460 Nepalese Rupee but had not proper owner. So we paid our bill and kept that extra money to Sarah for any plans on coming few days. In the meantime there were some crazy travelers came and lighten up the candle and forced us to sing birthday song for all of us. We started celebrating our birthdays by blowing out the candle for many times.

We said bye to girls and started walking back to the hostel at 1 AM! Suddenly found a lot of street dogs were barking at us and nobody was there. Though we were scared but I managed to stop those dogs by talking to them in my own language.  Maja was super excited after seeing that and praised me for the courage! Honestly I had no clue, what did I do, but it was managed.

That was not the end of our journey! Even though we didn’t have any plan to meet almost every day, but to utilize that extra money, Sarah planned a boat trip to the Phewa Lake, trek to Peace Pagoda on the next day! Though we were not clear about the idea but we started, crossed the lake during heavy rain, break stairs for 45 minutes to reach to the peace Pagoda and came down by a tractor with a lot of adventures.

Our friendship were getting stronger with our walks, stories, chemistry and fun! For us the confused girl in the bus ‘Clara’ became the center of attention for her funny conversations. We stopped thinking about time, meeting new people during our girl’s day outs! On our way back due to have heavy rain we were wet and went back to our places for a quick change. We had to run back to attend a disco party and a dinner!  We couldn’t miss that even though we were exhausted and tired! The reason was, Clara was about to leave for Annyapurna Base Camp on next morning! We already started missing her from the moment we realized that we all were about to split. Also for me it was more challenging because, Maja, my walking partner, roomie was leaving for Philippines.

However, we all were dressed and ready to heat the floor! After dinner we went to local bar, danced like crazy and thrown by the owner since it was closing time again! Later we went to another place to dance and said good bye to each other! Sarah and I were planning to stay back to Pokhara and do Paragliding on the next morning! But rest of them were leaving and we had that feeling that we won’t be able to see each other again! May be one day but not sure when!

Meeting Clara, who is an amazing soul with a sarcastic mind considered me as her icon for my adventures! Whereas I learned to be more funny and communicative from her! Sarah with whom I spent most of the times became one of my major part with whom I can share everything. A boss lady for spiritual thoughts and an astonishing dancer! Nobody looked at us while she was dancing on the floor! And Lastly Maja….my bestie! Partner in crime! We had crazy time after your Philippines trip in Kathmandu. Remember?

You know what? I have lot to say about all of you. I can’t cover everything in this one blog! So better let’s stop writing for today and keep some for coming few days. I am sure I can write 10 different blogs about our adventures in Nepal. Chitwan, Pokhara, Kathmandu….full of memories of four crazy girls!

Let’s plan again and see each other soon lovely partners!


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