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Fascinated Historical City Trip to Barishal

January 27, 2019

I woke up with an alarm around 9:0 in the Morning! It took me 15 more minutes to leave the bed and go to the shower. It was supposed to be a long day, though I didn’t plan anything so far! Just small research before I arrived in Barishal but no idea how to start. I texted Alberto that I need 10 more minutes to get down. We met in the lobby and started walking on the streets to find breakfast since we were so hungry.

We were planning to meet Dipu Rahman, who is the Regional Head of a renowned organization. Yes! The generous, Dipu Bhai, whom I have mentioned in another blog. We reached his office around 10 AM and found him waiting for us downstairs. So welcoming person. We had tea, discussed our plans, and return the ticket on Wednesday night. Two days? “That’s not enough to see Barishal”- said Rahman! I said we don’t have that much time but we three can manage since we are travelers. Usually, people need time to take rest, eat, chill but travelers can plan long days to enlighten their knowledge. I also told him that we are here to see and can sleep once we will go back. I found him a completely fun-loving and understanding person. An amazing soul who shared his travel videos with us in different countries.

Our first destination, The Oxford Epiphany Mission Church which was very close to Rahman’s office. A Church that was deeply rooted in England and desired to spread its wings worldwide (information collected). You will find a lot of information about that place but before you plan, permission is a must. So, if you are planning to visit alone, you have to send an email to the website and get permission from the authority. Because we had Rahman with us, it was easy to get inside and explore. We met some local people who maintain the Church and shared about their journey with this amazing place for a long time. After exploring for half an hour, we went back to the office for meeting a guy who confirmed our tickets to Dhaka.

Alberto was not sure about his return date till that time. So, we have decided to get tickets to Artem’s and mine on Wednesday evening. Guys, back to some quick tips, if you need to confirm your tickets, please go to launch terminal, Barishal, and purchase a ticket from the place. You will find a lot of people sitting in the ghat with tickets to Dhaka or other places. Also, you will get options for launch services, so you can pick your one, pay, and get your ticket. Please make sure that you have a money receipt after the payment and check the dates before you leave.

It was already 12:30 PM and we were still clueless about our whole day trip to the city! Then we met a young boy named Russia! An enthusiastic guy who can be an international tour guide for his smartness. It was difficult for us to explore Barisal without him. Yess..finally we were about to see the city, started with Mia Bari Mosque. We took a battery auto-rickshaw to Chowmatha that cost 50 takas. After reaching there, we changed our auto again to Mia Bari Mosque who asked for 300 takas from the city. I was curious to know, why did we change the auto? Russia told me that due to have rough roads, we were not able to use the battery auto to the destination. Readers, keep in your mind that Mahendra auto is strong and can only take you to far destinations. Battery auto and rickshaw can be used for small city tours.

After 35 minutes, we reached the Mosque that made our day! I never expected that the mosque could be really beautiful in Barisal city. Before you enter you must know that female needs to have permission to go inside the mosque. Artem and Alberto with Russia went inside and took special permission for me. So, I covered my hair and went to the up but not inside the mosque. I am a Muslim girl and for me, it was a really special place. I sat for a while and came down because I didn’t want the guys to feel uncomfortable or disgraceful for my presence. I was delighted to see a nice place to show the travelers from two different countries.

If you go alone, I would suggest you keep the Mahendra Auto for going back to the city, because it’s a remote place from where you won’t find anything to go back easily. We fixed the amount of 600 in total for a round trip to the city after exploring the mosque.

We started our journey to the Lakutia Jamidar Bari, another eye-catching foundation established by the Rupchondro Ray. After going back to the Chowmatha (auto stand of the city), we took another battery auto to Nothullabad that charged 30 takas. From there we took another Mahendra auto as a roundtrip that asked 540 takas to take us to the Jamidar Bari.

By that time, we all were a bit tired because of the dust! Readers, please keep masks for covering yourself. Otherwise, you might get sick and get an allergy or cold. We reached after 30 minutes continuous drive to the Jamidar Bari. Though we were feeling tired on our way, when we reached there the weather, the sun made started making us pleased. Alberto who is a photographer was taking photographs and Russia accompanied him. I and Artem were taking each other’s pictures and fighting on our photography skills as usual.

Inside the Jamidar Bari, you will find two big ponds, tractors, farms, and a lot of people. I would suggest you take someone with you, especially when you are a female traveler. Some people always seem judgmental and love to create troubles in any place. To all travelers, please reach there by 3:30 PM and leave by before 5:0 PM to avoid snatching, mugging, or harassment.

We hopped into the Mahendra Auto and heading towards the Nothullabad again to go to the city. On our way to the city, I felt like going to the washroom and our hotel was war far! Russia suggested going to Rahman’s office since it was close. We took a battery auto from Nothullabad to the office that cost 60 Taka.

While reaching the office I felt a bit awkward because I didn’t want to disturb some nice people during our stay! But they were very helpful and welcoming. They again offered us tea and snacks for the afternoon but we decided to see the sunset.

However, we reached the Dobdobia Ghat, known as Abdur Rab Serniabad Setu area from the office by an auto. We paid 70 takas to the auto driver and took tea and cookies in the roadside tea stalls. Roadside tea stalls are known as ‘Tong’ dokan in Bangladesh and they sell awesome tea with the minimum amount of money. Later we walked to the bank of a river and reached the center.

Those who read my previous blog already know about my famous journalist friend Reza! He called me to invite for having famous sweets of Barishal in a local dessert shop. I was mesmerized by his care, generosity, and pride by having such a good friend around. Artem and Alberto were also delighted to see the welcoming Bangladeshi people during their visit.

We took a rickshaw to go to the sweet shop that was close to Sadar Road, Bibir Pukur Par. On our way, we thought about having dinner first and then go to have sweets as a dessert. The rickshaw charged 60 takas after reaching which was a good price. In Sadar, you will find a lot of shops to eat local foods like pitha, deshi vat with vorta, curry or kabab with paratha or naan. We all were hungry and went to a Kabab shop. We had chicken grill kabab with deshi salad and naan.

After dinner, we went to the have sweet and all of them were super delicious! We left that place early by thanking Reza by calling him. Our rickshaw to the hotel from Sadar cost 40 takas and we were okay with that!

It was 9:0 PM and we all were exhausted after a long day! Still, we had to fix another day trip to Swarupkathi and that was important. Maybe we had to find a person to fix that……
Another big day was waiting!

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