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Discovering the Partner in Crime: A Fake Australian Sand Guy

March 24, 2019

Slowly … slowly…yeah, I can see you walking but don’t run faster! I have a chance to fall down anytime!

Well, that’s how we started boding on our first day of his arrival in my house! We went to the rooftop, smoked and went a bit nuts while coming back to my apartment. The stairs were dark and we both were blank!  

Yes, Stefan, the Austrian Guy from Austria has postponed his stay three times and confirmed finally before the day of his arrival. Though it was supposed to be a bit early but due to have Dhaka traffic he arrived one hour later. By that time, I already left my home for the office but we talked over the phone and he reached without any confusions. We have decided to meet after my office in Banani at Jatra Biroti for a traditional dinner.

That was Thursday and the roads were surprisingly empty! Thursdays in Dhaka are crazy all the time but I have no idea what happened that day! Coincidentally we reached in the same time and met in the stairs of the restaurant. We greeted, went to the upstairs, ordered some puli pitha (local swwets), lemonade, a ginger tea and talked about our perspectives, traveling life, people around us.

At one point we realized that the waiter requested us to leave the place because that was the closing time. We were kind of kicked out but was okay! On our way to home, we both have decided to smoke in my rooftop and chill for bit!

Within few hours we started becoming friends for being so similar in terms of logics, perspectives and opinions! Also felt like we should hangout more to discuss about this world where people only complains about life. We made fun of things that includes the name of his country, Austria and confusion with Australia, the idea of a solo travelers that left every random people shocked, names, age, his height, my skin, lifestyle and marital life was also a part of that discussion that made us closer!

Next morning we went to Jahangirnagor University where I had to work and he strayed around. He has also attended a close relative’s birthday party where we enjoyed free food with a lot of extra observations for our next discussion. That evening, after having a heavy dinner we decided to go back since he had to leave for Kushtia on the next morning and came back two days later!

The day he arrived in Dhaka, I was in a hospital for a regular checkup. So, he came to the hospital to collect the keys where I saw him waving and I smiled back! That time, I realized that I missed him so much for last three days!

I was super excited to discuss more on the latest stories in my life and listen to his! That night we talked about our silly childhood memories and our friends! A funny story of a police mother of his close friend who used to clean her son’s school bag, books, stationary right after he reached home! Additionally the fight of his friends’ with his mother on putting a jersey in such a place where that should not supposed to go! His stories made me laugh for hours & hours!  

On our last few hours we went to shop for making Emperors Nonsense which came out as a delicious dinner! That was his special treat for us! My mom and I enjoyed the dinner with a lot of honey & sugar, though that was bit fattening. But, I always believe that it’s good to experience something new in your life!

Next morning, he left to the airport with a lot of memories at my house! Which would be remembered always like the favorite memory that can’t be resumed! At that point I felt very unfortunate for being the citizen of a country where people usually don’t want to come back. And the visa duration don’t let me keep someone here!! But this is the reality of a travelers’ life! Planning a trip to the next destination, living in a pleasant memory for few days and look for new by keeping the nice one in a corner of your stoned heart! We travelers, plan our life to leave everything behind with the last flight!  No space for memories in life!

In a world of selfish people, it’s hard to find someone special with whom you can share a lot without arguments! A place for no emotions but only logical explanations. I guess that’s hard!

Meeting Stefan was not only about friendship but creating some special memories that will be hard to explain! In one sentence if I say, Stefan, we can think about to be parallel CEO’s of an organization and there will be no fight!

Stefan and I created memories on a football match of losers (he never accepted) between Poland & Austria at 2:30 AM in the morning by wearing their jersey without knowing anything about the league. Or a backgammon lesson that he taught which actually back fired because I beat him at his own game! We shared a dance floor while learning Waltz! As a conclusion, I can say that I lived my childhood with such a genius partner in crime in just four days!

Though our walk towards the apartment was slow, but the friendship built faster! Yeah, you fell on the floor and I laughed but all were crazy! Our Illogical fights over an orange might not be a logical one but our effort made us closer! Every memory with you was more than special! I hope wherever we will be doing what, our logic will never beat anybody in this world! So let’s think about a business venture for a productive output! Have a great life my Fake Australian Sand Guy!  I will miss your stories….


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