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Chinese Nightmare

December 27, 2018

On another awesome day in Thailand a German traveler who shown me a different face of Bangkok! I was counting my last few hours with eagerness to fly…..Yes! Beijing was calling me. Think about the real excitement! I was very close to the Great Wall of China.

When I was a child, I told my mother that I will see that amazing creation one day! I could remember my aunt was laughing at me by saying, “it’s not that easy to go to China”

Those who know about me, already are familiar with my shitty aunties who hate my lifestyle. But as I said, they inspire me with their negativity! I love their jealousy!

However, I flew by Malaysian airlines and didn’t do any research before I fly! I am not very fond of doing research and plan my trips! How long does it can take, what should be my plan, how to communicate, where to go, nothing!! The only decision I have taken was, booked a hostel in Beijing but had no idea where it was. The time I landed at the Beijing Airport was midnight and shops were closed! A friend of mine told me that without a Simcard (mobile connection) it won’t be possible for me to survive in China! Well! My expression was, ‘who cares’.

Sometimes overconfidence kills! I managed a good-looking guy who speaks amazing Chinese and managed him to hire a taxi for me! It was 500 CNY (expensive) at midnight but I was okay! Suddenly when I was about to get inside, the driver was shouting at me for putting my backpack inside the car! His attitude was rude and I got my first impression of Beijing! I preferred to be calm and put my bag in the car trunk.

However, the peaceful city at midnight helped me to forget about his behavior and I was getting back to my traveler mood! Everyone, please remember one thing, the drivers don’t speak a single English word, so be prepared with some common sentences with pronunciation or print out.

Reached the hostel but wait! I couldn’t find the exact location! Now again, the driver started shouting. Lord! Save me from him, please! He threw my bag out of his car and was screaming in Chinese. I had no idea what he was talking about, but maybe the language itself sounds a bit rude. Anyways later I got really lucky and found the manager was smoking in the garage. He noticed and came to check. My expression was like “uncle, yes I am that unfortunate. Please save me from this Chinese devil”. Uncle checked my booking printout and took my backpack. Another scary situation! He took me behind the main house, opened a heavy Chinese door, took me inside a dark garage, and started walking! I tried to ask him many times, where are we going? Alas, he didn’t understand my language and we were unable to see each other! I was scared and tension was rising in the air!

I wanted to talk to my mom for the last before I get killed by a Chinese uncle! Ufff…God!

He opened another heavy door and…. Oh Okay!! The place looks awesome! Damn! Seriously! Beyond my imagination!

The good news was nobody killed me in that Chinese Garage! So, if you reach midnight, you should wait until the morning, buy a Simcard, and know your route properly! Oh!! One more thing, you must have Wechat installed on your phone before arriving in China. Don’t even expect that you will get a Whatsapp, Facebook, Google, or Instagram.

Uncle and I talked through Wechat translation and I found that place very relaxing after uncle left. When I came out of the room something helped me to hold my heart and think fresh for the next day! Yes, a quotation by a random person but inspiring.

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