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    Bangkok Dairies: Connection Beyond the Borders!

    December 28, 2018

    Those days have given me extra pressure due to having my friends’ rude husband! Seriously I was clueless about his behavior that ruined our entire trip!! Our friendship was about to die but I had to choose the best option for me on the very last day in Bangkok!

    So, after coming back to Bangkok from Phuket, I shifted to a nice hostel which was a bit far from the city but peaceful. Not like another crowded place in Bangkok. In hostels, I always prefer to have the upper bed, so that nobody can see me even if I am not wearing anything. I mean when I sleep, I have no idea how do I behave! To the readers, if you are like me please choose the upper bed to ignore extra sound, movements, judgment, and lights.

    It was the first night I slept peacefully on that trip! But, I woke up to a noise in the morning! Travelers can relate to that! A traveler was leaving early. I looked down and he greeted me “Bonjour”! I asked, are you leaving? He said “yes and sorry for the noise”. It’s okay! I said and quickly moved my eyes and checked my phone. Thought about utilizing the time by doing some research (though I am not good at it) on “how to enjoy my last day in Bangkok!” I went back to sleep and woke up around 9 AM. Well, it was a perfect time to get ready and start!

    While getting down from my bed, a guy greeted me with a smile. He was on the same lower bunk! I smiled back and said Hi. A few minutes pause, then he asked, where are you from? I introduced myself and told him about my journey that started in Malaysia, a year before. “Interesting! I am From Germany, a solo traveler and working on my venture” – he said! After conversing about our trips, we realized that we forgot to ask each other’s names. I said I am Iffat and you? He said his name. I was in rush, so I had to excuse myself and left the discussion for a quick shower.

    Again! Messy me…I forgot to take my towel and came back with my wet hair. I found him looking at me and suddenly we exchanged eye contact! Without thinking for a while, he said, “Hey, I don’t have a touristic plan but since I am here for a long time, I could show you some places if you would like to come with me”. I was like, “well that would be awesome!” He shared his plan about watching a film, going to the night market, roam around, and dinner. I was excited to explore with a person with whom I met just before half an hour. Meeting new people is always something special to me! That becomes more special when you find a quick connection with the companion. Even that is for a day!

    Did you all forget about my friend? That lovely friend whose husband ruined our trip? She texted in between! She lost her wallet with a credit card and cash! She was in big trouble and I had to save her. I didn’t want to ask about our destination but after hearing about my friend, I asked him, “where are we going now?” I told my friend to come to Thailand Cultural Center and get money.

    The transportation in Bangkok is tourist-friendly! Though last night I got lost I can’t blame the system for that. I was not following the routes properly in the dark and couldn’t find the right direction. However, the biker police helped me to reach my hostel. Also, the MRT was close to my hostel and mostly we traveled by that. Sometimes we walked and took the BTS line but overall the experience was great! You just have to read and follow!! While traveling I always prefer to walk and use public transports to know the city like a local.

    We reached the Thailand Cultural Center! I had a coffee and he had his lunch! We bought movie tickets and talked about my Ph.D. proposal and additional things that were motivating. The movie time was awesome, so our chemistry!

    My friend didn’t show up. Such an unfortunate lady! I couldn’t find a way to communicate with her in that situation. Later I heard that she found a solution. But I still feel sorry that I couldn’t help her when she was in trouble!

    Moving to the next destination which was a night market in Ratchada. At the time we reached, it was afternoon and the people were preparing the market for the evening. He took me to the top of the building, from where the whole market looks like a rainbow. Also, the city during sunset! Wow! I am sure very few people have experienced that view. We walked, talked, and shared stories about our personal life.

    In the evening, we went to Lumpini Park, a peaceful place in this crowded city. I would say a place you must visit if you are a nature lover. We walked towards the lake, sat under the tree, and discussed a lot about spiritual things that never happened before. That moment was precious. Time was flying and we went to a restaurant near that park for dinner!

    Judging about other nationalities and spending quality time, both are completely different. I might not even meet him if I was with my friend. The only reason I met because I was alone and was open to talking to new people. And I must say this is the best part of solo traveling! Experiencing new things that haven’t seen before in my life.

    When we went back to the hostel it was already 10 PM. The entire hostel was calm and the balcony was peaceful! We decided not to sleep because we couldn’t afford to miss the chance to talk to each other! We found similarities, common choices, topics to discuss and share our cultures.

    Our friendship became stronger that we have decided to meet each other again! Though that never happened. We might not see each other in the future but we will never stop hoping to meet again in this small world and complete our unfulfilled friendship that could create more memories for the upcoming years!