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    Border Less Collection: Exploring Pokhara

    July 15, 2019

    After exploring for 7 days in Pokhara, I was a bit tired! I didn’t feel like going out for any activities but suddenly heard about the River Rafting. I felt like I should sign up and go for the small training. I joined on the next day with a Chinese traveler who doesn’t speak a single word in English. Explaining him was a challenge for the guys who were supposed to train us. Anyhow, we managed to explain my Chinese experience with WeChat!

    That ride was amazing and I felt like to break my ankle many times in the crazy river! I went during the monsoon and the people forbidden me to try rafting during that time. But I did and enjoyed the adventure with that Chinese dude who ended up being a good friend.

    I came back to the hostel and cleaned all my clothes to put them on the balcony! You know if you get a chance to see the sun during the monsoon in Pokhara, then you are lucky! I checked my face in the mirror and realized I was completely sun-tanned. God! Really?

    Though during the rafting, I didn’t realize anything when I took shower and relaxing, I felt like my whole body was hurting. My joints were killing and pains were all over. If you have ever been to Zostel, Pokhara you can easily understand the balcony idea! The couch, bin bags, and tires are so relaxing for travelers to read, chill, and take power naps.

    I went to put my things in the personal cabinet and heard two guys were talking to each other in a different language. One of them was brushing his teeth and the other is sorting his camera, drone, and other equipment. I tried to get the language but was hard to predict.

    I left and sat on one of the bin bags to chill and try to take a power nap! A guy who was brushing his teeth few minutes before sat beside me. He was holding a book in his hand titled “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini. I heard about that book many times but never felt like buying and read. Suddenly I felt like I should ask what was the language they were speaking! And as you know me…. without thinking twice, I asked!

    “Hey, that’s German”- he replied! We started talking to each other about our work, life, and country. We were from two different countries where economy, society and most of the things are different apart from the human body! We started our conversation that ended up in an in-house tequila party. All were enjoying the truth & dare game! We were sitting very close to each other and responding to each other’s jokes sometimes.

    There was a guy named Justin, who always tried to be over smart from the very first day. Out of nowhere I found him interested in me and asking me questions during that party. By that time, I was a bit tired and wanted to go back because it was a hectic day. I bought two bottles of water and greet some people I liked! I was about to leave and suddenly he showed up and asked me “do you need help?” I said, “thank you but I can carry more than that”.

    He smiled back and asked me what was I planning to do? I said going back to the dormitory. I added, “I am not enjoying this crowd right now and want to chill on the balcony before going to sleep”. Instantly he replied, “let’s go there then”. We walked, sat on the couch talked, and at one point, I found him getting close to me. I felt his arm was trying to hold me and grab me towards infinity.

    The whole night we were sneaking around and found all couples, singles in that hostel were making out with each other! We went to the dining which was in the middle of the pool and the weather was amazing. The only reason I don’t want to go back to that city because of the memories…. we didn’t get tired of writing to each other after that meeting!

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