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    A messy start to Malaysia: Missing a flight to forgetting money

    March 28, 2019

    I can still remember the morning when Shuvashish called me to ask about my location! I was in a chilling mood to take a flight in the evening and didn’t pack my bag properly. Actually I was planning to do office, then go to airport direct! Yes, I was supposed to fly to Malaysia.

    My best friend was also a part of this trip and she didn’t pack her bag either! Well, we both didn’t notice and missed the flight very badly!! God, how come I didn’t notice? Shuvahsish told me to calm down and relax. He is always my life savior in my travel stories.

    However, I called Jinat, my friend and told that that we won’t be able to fly today, since we have missed our flight. I heard her almost crying voice and disappointment for missing the flight. However, after two days we have managed to get tickets to fly to Malaysia and changed our plan for her office. I was not bothered about staying many days since I had plan to continue traveling for coming two years.

    The day we were about to fly, our mother’s forced us to be in the airport before 5 hours! Crazy right? I know, but we preferred to reach and talked to each other for hours. We started, waited until the final immigration and reached to the final gate for getting into the flight. Suddenly, I saw Jinat had a panic attack and I was like “not again”! She forgot her money at home. Oh no, now what will happen? I tried to sort this out by giving her 200 Dollars instantly and consoled her. My intension was just to be cheerful after a painful nightmare of missing our flights and now money. What else was waiting? I had no idea!

    The weather was bad and flight was late! We both were hungry and tired after 8 hours waiting in the airport. I forgot to tell you the Khichuri that was given by US Bangla airlines for dinner. The cabin crews wake up after 2 hours and given hot khichuri, which was not in a good condition. But we both were hungry and finished all with the small cupcakes in the flight.  

    We reached around 5 in the morning and according to the host we were supposed stay, we had to wait until 6:30 AM to get an Uber or taxi. Otherwise we had to pay double to the amount we were supposed to pay. We had to face a lot of questions in the Malaysian Airport and finally we were able to get rid of them. The immigration police were really good looking. I and my friend were checking out all the guys were around.

    “Oh Jinat! I have to do shopping to flirt with guys! I don’t have trendy outfits for this trip I guess!”- I was telling my friend while going to our host place by an airport taxi. My friend started counseling to be patient and observe the fashion for few days. She also told me that, we have to be more careful since we have only 400 dollars in total! So scary….

    On our way to the place, we have seen Petronas Twin Tower! That was a different feeling, especially after missing flight, forgot money and additional mental stress. I haven’t even imagined that I will seeing this country by my own. We both started forgetting everything and tried to enjoy each and every moment.

    Finally, we were there and the host confirmed the security about our entrance. We entered, got our room. Yeah, we were there and we both cheered each other for a better start. The host offered us a drop to Sunway Park from where we could start exploring. We gracefully accepted and took some rest for two hours….