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    Food Exploration in Cox’s Bazar

    January 6, 2019

    I am not a foodie, so wherever I go, I don’t even bother about eating foods! For me, Coffee and Muffin would be enough to survive. But I am sure you get hungry when you travel! Cox’s Bazar has a lot of options but most people don’t know where to go…so for them, I did a small research. You can walk to the city center, beach areas and fine restaurants everywhere.

    Coffee: There are not so many cafes in Cox’s Bazar but two of them offer really good coffee and breakfast. Salt & Café 14 offers a cozy environment with amazing coffee.

    During lunchtime, finding seafood won’t be a good option. Because you will find only Bangladeshi food like (Vorta, Vaji, Vegetables, Meat/ Chicken/ Mutton Curry, Daal, Fish Curry or Fry). Also, the restaurants offer Khichuri (Yellow Rice), Biriyani (Chicken/ Mutton/ Beef) for lunchtime. Better try some fish fry like (Rupchada, Elish, Boyal, Telapia, and options in the menu)

    Sea Food: If you stay in the center, you can walk to Sungondha Beach and can find seafood shops. You can choose fish, crab, squid and they can grill or fry for you. You can only get those after 6:30 PM 11:30 PM. They will charge for each item you will select from the display.

    You can only find Kebab between late afternoon to evening hours in roadside restaurants in the city.

    If you are running out of time, you must go to KFC that will serve you quick food.

    Mermaid Eco Resort: If you are interested to enjoy dinner in a cozy environment you must try this place. The place is far from the center but you can hire an auto that will cost 400 to 500 BDT for taking you there. If you want you can hire the auto for coming back which will cost you the same amount. Mermaid authority has their auto service that costs the same amount as coming back to Cox’s Bazar. You just have to inform the guards that you need an auto to go back to the city. Since the area is a bit calm and peaceful, it would be a wise decision if you come back to the city by 9:30 to 10 PM. Also, better to take a CNG, not an Auto for coming back because the vehicle is faster and stronger. Food is mermaid is a bit expensive than the other restaurants, so please ask and go through the menu properly before you order. It takes time to serve foods, so better you plan your time accordingly.

    Informative? But still, you can write me.