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    Islands for the Day: MoheshKhali

    December 5, 2018

    The next morning, we woke up and went to a café that offers a decent coffee! Both were exhausted and were unable to start early. We grabbed coffee and rushed to the Moheshkhali Ghat! Usually, they take tourists to the Moheshkhali for one hour 30 minutes speed boat trip that charges 5000 BDT excluding auto trip inside Moheshkhali but we bargain and fixed 4500 BDT including Sonadia Dip. You always have to bargain and make sure that your recommended price has to be half of their offer!

    Yann had to face questions while taking auto in the Moheshkhali stand! The local people were asking for extra money since he was a foreigner. So, whoever travels I would request you to go there with a reliable local person. The place is not very safe for random travelers. You might have to face unwanted situations if you won’t have ready answers. The language is also a barrier to traveling inside.

    You must have to hire an auto in Moheshkhali Island for exploring. So please bargain before you get into the auto. It will cost around 800 for the whole Moheshkhali trip. We went to some temples, a bridge, and sightseeing and spent 1 hour there.

    After Moheshkhali, we went to Sonadia Island where we walked towards the small river, enjoy the buffalo swim, a small walk into the river, a dry fish shop, and a cup of tea in front of the ocean.

    Remember, you have to ask for a small walk, otherwise, the guy might not take you to the place. We both along with the speedboat guy spent, 2 hours. After reaching there we paid and came back to the city center.

    I know some local people there! Would love to share their contacts if you would like to explore!

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