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September 10, 2019

My name is Nicolas DAGOBERT, I’m 31 years old and born French. I feel more like a child of the world by now and don’t think somewhere is more home than anywhere else, because home is everywhere.

I left France early February 2014 originally for a year world tour. I never quit traveling since then! The life I had the courage to give up for the life I always dreamed of, is the best choice I have ever made. Living my dreams instead of dreaming my life was my mojo and I turned the concept into my reality. Live your life to the fullest with the more genuine happiness, is something I want to spread out wide!

When I have decided I wanted to quit everything to leave France, my friends’ opinion were drastically shared. Some were thinking that was great and I should make the best out of it. Regarding the others, they were actually wondering what I was doing with my life… How at 25 years old, I could still be single, not owning anything and have a professional career close to point zero? Well, to me it was clear that was the exact good damn reasons I could leave though! Because I did not have any attachment! But in these people’s mind, I was a society’s failure! I did not bother of what anyone thought, otherwise I would never do anything I wanted as it would always not please someone, somehow!

I have been travelling over 5 years and a half by now, visiting legitimately 40 countries. Lived and worked for 2 years in a row in Australia. When I settled down at first, I could withdraw USD 500 one time, before my lovely French bank (that I warned of my travels) blocked my debit card! I had no other choice, than surviving right away from the income I was making in Australia. But that’s fine, I have managed! 2 years later, I had saved up enough money to sustain myself for a year of proper travel! For 12 months in a row, I hopped from one country to another, discovering new places, new landscapes, new sceneries, new peoples, new cultures, new minds set, new outlooks, new ways of thinking! All what I left France for, was finally happening!

After 3 years without seeing any of my family members and friends, I decided to stop by to say hello. I stayed less than a month in total and have seen 35+ persons! It was really pleasant to see again all of them and helped me to realize who truly cared about me. But I was already looking forward to get back on my trips!

I settled in New Zealand with less than USD 300 and also had no other choice than figuring out a way to save up some money again. Everything was not perfect, but I eventually managed to get there, continuing to meet a lot of travelers from different parts of the world.

I travelled anew for 8 months consecutively and kept encountering amazing people! Every country is different from each other, but they also have many similarities. One among them that frustrated me for being slightly too unreachable, was Bangladesh. Mentality there is pretty closed and travelling is fairly unknown, which made my quest of discovering merely difficult. Fortunately, I met the right person that helped me to see her country how it was and we decided that we would offer to others travellers the opportunity to travel Bangladesh as good as any other country can be travelled.

During my travels, there is one thing I have very often noticed while chatting with locals I met. Most of them are amazed that I travel by myself and am not scared to face every situation on my own. Particularly women. They, too often, told me they could not travel, because they are women. I found sad that in 21st century, every society mingled emancipate the freedom of being oneself to anyone that thinks differently from the, sometimes, narrow culture’s opinion. Realizing how inspiring my life can be to some people, then I came to believe I wanted to carry this message to the more tremendous number of people and encourage anyone, more likely women, to experiment solo travelling, fearless, careless of others’ opinion.




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