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    September 19, 2019

    Our project started in January, 2019! That time, I didn’t even know Nicolas!

    I started , because I wanted to support the international & local  travelers who want to explore Bangladesh but can’t find any proper guidelines to explore. I wanted to give some sort of comfort to the backpackers who has very limited budget to see a country.

    Starting Couch surfing was a good idea but I could not host everyone, as well as travelers cannot know me without any platform. Interestingly, without a common platform it was impossible to help, guide or plan a trip for travelers to see the country.

    Since I am also a solo traveler, I thought about to share my stories with local and international traveler through a blog, so that people can have a positive idea or a preparation before they decide to go to a destination. Additionally, the idea was to encourage the readers to share my platform if they find it interesting.

    But, working alone was a bit challenging! On the other hand, finding a partner for this project required someone who could understand and love the project like I do! A person believes in me, my idea and the purpose of the project. Not only that, but also who will jump into the ocean of this journey and embrace the unwanted challenges to establish the idea. Honestly, finding someone who thinks alike was impossible from the place I belong to. I met a lot of local and international travelers who wants to do something for the travelers but has a different plan!

    Being a social worker as a profession I always wanted something that will add some values in traveler’s life with a minimum cost! So, the purpose was always very different than and less business oriented.

    Finally, I met Nicolas who came to Bangladesh and has very similar perspective towards life. I found him very promising, dedicated, serious and punctual. While he was traveling Bangladesh, we worked on a small project that helped us to believe that we can work together in the long run!

    Here we go…. A partnership!

    Because, believing each other’s dream could make a strong team for a successful venture and we both want to in help, support and motivate people to travel and explore the generosity of this world. Cheers for the team!!

    To know more about him and his journey, click on:


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