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    Forbidden Trip to The Forbidden City

    April 23, 2021

    As I said, I didn’t even bother to change my time zone, I still can’t tell you the difference between, Chinese and Bangladesh Time! Additionally, no research could make your life a bit complicated.

    I woke up in the afternoon and looked around the room and guess what!! The room was empty. Actually, the entire hostel was empty. I had no clue what I wanted to do but of course, starting with The Forbidden City was a cool idea. Mt friend Ali, whom I met in Bali texted me about visiting Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City on my first day and if possible, buy a ticket from an agent to go to The Great Wall of China for the second day.

    Like I said earlier, I didn’t have any sim card to check the location, translate the signs or talk to anyone and honestly, I didn’t bother. Most importantly, Google shouldn’t work there, so why should I care? Right? However, I talked to the manager who managed to chat through We chat! He told me to take a straight road, then left and cross the road to get the Metro to the place I wanted to visit.
    Who thought that I could get lost, walking all over to find a simple street to get to the Metro?

    My nightmare was about to start. I lost it! Completely! Everyone in the city looked very similar. So I decided to buy a sim card before go to the Forbidden City! Another stupid decision. When you fly from another country, slept for long, haven’t had food for almost 13 hours, should eat first and then start your day. Right? I should’ve done that too. But I didn’t!

    I kept trying to explain to people what I want and they kept misguided me in their language. Even white men in Beijing speak Chinese. After an hour of running from one place to another, I finally decided to take the metro and go to the Forbidden City. Guess what! It was late afternoon and I didn’t know what to expect when I get there.

    Oh, big line! At least 750 people were there to enter the city. I was hungry, cranky, and clueless. But I was determined to do something on that day, so did I. Waiting almost for an hour at the ticket counter. The ticket was expensive and as per their concern, I was running out of time. I had to run to the gate to catch my number and drop my bag at the entrance. I did! But make sure, you have your passport, money bag and mobile with you.

    I entered, walked all around, took photographs and then Balm!! A siren. For what?
    It was about to close. What! By that time, I was already lost. Didn’t have the track of time, location, and gates. Guys, who have already visited the place, will understand that getting lost in that city is the easiest thing that can happen to you.

    It was closing time and I had to get my bag… so I started running to the entrance. I was thirsty, clueless, and lost while running. I didn’t know what to do if I can’t get my bag before the closing. Finally, after 10 minutes of running, when I get there, I found that entrance was closed. I asked people who couldn’t explain anything but their indications said that I should go to the exit to get my kinds of stuff.

    While I was running, I found another Australian woman, lost like me. She was looking for the exit that takes almost 20 minutes to reach. We almost reached and on my way to the exit, I found an interesting place that can save me from this nightmare. Tourist lane for those who want to visit, places like The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Shanghai and other places in China. People speak English in that place! Isn’t it nice?

    I found a nice guy, talked, and confirmed my trip to The Great Wall of China on next morning. He said He will pick up from the hostel gate and drop me after the trip. Those who want to visit the Great Wall should take this support because it is out of the city and takes time, money, and energy to get there.
    I found my bag and crossed the road to see Tiananmen Square that is opposite the Forbidden City. The metro is very close to that place and I was happy that I found it. By that time, I knew the stations, my stoppage, and the way to find my way to the city.

    On my way to the hostel, I found a nice French Bakery, had Coffee and bread to feed myself for the first time in 19 hours. Almost like a fast. Found my hostel and met my roommates. Luckily most of them speak English and were staying there for work. A guy told me that he could help me to get a sim card. We went to the shop and by that time it was closed. I checked the roads and was planning to get there the next day after coming back from the Great Wall visit.

    Trust me! I was hopeful that the next day would be different. Was it?
    Check my blog next week, to know what happened!

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